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Our First Recipe Book is Published!

An Illistrated Guide To Making Perfect Pulled Pork, BBQ and More

A quick search will show you endless ways to make pulled pork. But they sacrifice the rest of the roast to make it! Almost no one has the trifecta of roasting perfection: tender meat, crisp skin, and good brown pan dripping.

They show tender meat with blackened, unpalatable skin. The meat around the edges is hard and inedible. What's left in the pan beneath the roast is a black, crusty mess that needs a scrubber instead of a saucepan.

They pull the meat from the center and leave a an ugly rind of overcooked pork lying on the platter, wasting all that meat. No juice. No delicious cracklings from the skin. Burned meat.

No matter what your background, Making Great Pulled Pork and BBQ will show you the way to a pork roast with crispy, crunchy skin, meltingly tender flesh, and good brown pan drippings for gravy.

Whether you're a great cook looking for tips, or one of the millions of people who are intimidated by roasting a bone-in cut of meat, this guide is for you.


  • 19 full color pictures illustrate every step of the process
  • Instructions on choosing the right cut of pork
  • Tips on feeding a large crowd indoors or outdoors
  • Making pulled pork ahead of time
  • Additional recipes for brisket, ribs, chicken, veggies and more
  • List of equipment needed and buying choices